China: Car Rams Into Pedestrians Killing 6 People in Zaoyang City, Driver Shot Dead by Police
Image used for representational purpose | (Photo Credit: ANI)

Hubei, March 22: A fatal accident occurred in China on Friday morning. A car rammed into pedestrians in Central China on Friday, killing six and injuring around seven. The driver was shot dead by a police officer, reported state broadcaster CCTV. The incident took place early morning today in Zaoyang city in the central province of Hubei. Death Toll in Blast at China Chemical Plant Touches 44.

The injured were shifted to a nearby hospital following the incident. Some report state that the man had purposely driven into the crowd but the motive behind the attack is still a mystery. Earlier in a similar incident from September 2018, 11 people were killed after a car drove into a crowded area in southern China. The driver also attacked strollers with sharp weapons seeking revenge on society for earlier criminal convictions.

On Friday, a huge blast at a chemical plant in eastern China killed at least 44. The blast that took place at a plant in Yancheng run by Tianjiayi Chemical also injured more than 90 people. The blast was followed by a fire at the plant, which makes fertilisers. According to reports, 32 people are critical while 58 people had severe injuries.