Donald Trump Says 'Tariff King' India Wants Trade Deal With US 'Immediately'
File image of U.S. President Donald Trump | (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

New Delhi, October 1: Days after top United States officials claimed that India has sent feelers seeking a new bilateral trade agreement with Washington, President Donald Trump on Monday confirmed the development. Referring to New Delhi as 'tariff king', Trump said the White House received a call from the Indian government, seeking immediate negotiations for the new agreement.

"They (India) called us and they say, 'We want to start negotiations immediately'," Trump told reporters, while praising his America First policy. India Wants to Have Trade Deal with U.S. to Avoid Tariffs: Donald Trump.

India has faced the brunt of Trump's tirade, with the US President blaming the South Asian giant of benefitting from the "lopsided" trade policies of his predecessor.

Trump said New Delhi wants a new trade deal to "primarily keep him happy". He further added that countries which do not resort to "fair trade policies" will be slapped with tariffs akin to China.

While presenting the State of Economy earlier in the year, Trump had blamed China and India of benefitting at the cost of American taxpayers.

Before the President, White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow said a revamped trade agreement is the best option before both India and America.

Trump today also announced a new trilateral agreement with neighbouring Canada and Mexico, which would come into effect from Saturday. The new agreement would replace North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which Trump has described as a "disastrous policy".