New Delhi [India], March 2 (ANI/ATK): Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, India, Big Growth Digital is one of India's first performance marketing agencies with expertise in building digital customer acquisition channels for the new-gen D2C brands.

Founded by Tanuj Gupta, an IIM Jammu Alumni, BGD (Big Growth Digital) is transforming the future of eCommerce brands with its experience of catering to a variety of categories like FMCG, apparel, nutraceutical, fashion, skincare among others.

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Over the years BGD has built in-house algorithms and deep human expertise to provide multi-dimensional growth to e-commerce businesses in India.

With its agile and adaptive approach, Big Growth Digital specialises in a host of services such as building brand identity, data-backed media buying, SEO, social media marketing, and bespoke content creation that help D2C brands target the right customers at the right time by expanding their market base in the digital domain.

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In the past few years, the company has celebrated multiple successes in creating high-impact marketing solutions and unique brand identities for various D2C brands all across India. Power Gummies, Super Bottoms, Pavers England, My paperclip, Fitspire are some of the brands BGD has been working with.

"In the list of client success stories at Big Growth Digital, the case studies of Power Gummies and Pavers England are the most inspiring to give a quick read," says the CEO & Founder Tanuj Gupta when interviewed on the company's best wins.

He further adds, "While handling ad budgets of over $1 Million and counting, over this year, we have delivered exceptional ROI compared to industry standards and that has been only possible because of our deep human expertise and in-house algorithms"

Also talking about some of the clients he shared how BGD enabled one of the prominent brands to scale their ROI (Return On Investment) by 2200 per cent in less than 120 days after the launch of their website. It witnessed exponential growth in sales with effective data analysis & multi-channel marketing. All in all, BGD's paid acquisition funnel and content remarketing strategies helped the brand not only achieve its goal of reaching the masses but also push its top line to 10 digits figures (ARR).

Big Growth Digital has been successful in scaling more than 30 D2C brands and are on their journey to enable more than 50 brands by the year's end.

Big Growth Digital is a 360-degree performance marketing organisation based in Gurugram, Haryana, India. Founded by Tanuj Gupta, Big Growth Digital has delivered personalized, end-to-end marketing solutions to D2C brands all over India. It is one of India's leading performance marketing agencies with expertise in the D2C industry.

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