The world of exercise and fitness changed forever in 2020, with more people than ever before preferring to do their workouts at home, with some kind of virtual video stream between themselves and their trainers. Why pay for a gym membership and incur the travel costs to go to a gym every day, when just as effective workouts can be done at home? That’s the thought in millions of peoples’ minds today, and personal trainers sit at a critical intersection as they work to provide this new kind of tailored fitness support.

Personal trainers have unique demands on them, as well as the need to grow business revenue, secure leads, and keep their clients happy. Since every personal trainer and gym owner is different, with dozens of fitness specialities, a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work in this industry. No one understands that better than fitness online business coach, Allan Miles.

No stranger to a fitness journey, Allan lost over 100lbs. when he became a father and has maintained this level of health for his wife and five children. But that wasn’t always the case, as Allan found his weight to be out-of-control at one point after enduring massive grief. Once he shed the weight, and kept it off for 10-years, he noticed other changes happening in his life too: like having his business grow rapidly and secure $10,000 per month within the first three-months of launching it.

Still feeling like something was missing in his life with his new high-ticket venture, Allan decided he wanted to dedicate his business coaching skills specifically to fitness professionals and health and wellness businesses. 

“We are nothing without our health, which I had to learn the hard way,” said Allan. “On the other side of my weight loss journey, I realized how important and critical these health and wellness experts are today. I decided to lend my business experience to this industry specifically so these trainers can run businesses in any capacity, from anywhere in the world.”

Fitness for the Future

To date, Allan’s coaching business has grown to a team of 9 people with aspirations to generate $1 million per month in revenue by the end of 2021. His team has evolved to meet the needs of the clients, by leveraging their skills and passions to find out-of-the-box and unique growth methods. Every single client is approached with a bespoke framework, helping them to map out the long-term journey to success.

“Far too often, people are looking for instant success,” said Allan. “However, that comes from not focusing on short-term goals. Success is the product of doing the right thing, every single minute, of every single day over-time. Working towards a much bigger goal should be the focus, and that’s exactly what we aim to provide our trainers today.”

360 Health and Fitness Support

Team Miles Ltd. provides full 360-support to health, fitness, and wellness experts in order to be at the forefront of driving positive change throughout the industry. They want to help coaches and independent gym owners level the playing field and earn a living that is reflective of their hard work and capability. 

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