A sexy grandmother is known to earn a handful by selling seductive pictures on OnlyFans. She is 59-year-old and has quit her main career for this lucratively paying job. She sells her x-rated pictures online to about €1,500 (1,29,255.00 Indian Rupee) online which is about triple of what she was making previously. She has previously worked as a gogo dancer, masseuse, personal trainer, escort and choreographer as per the Mirror. She quit her part-time day job as a carer and it was her daughter who convinced her to sell x-rated pictures on Only Fans. Thomas Powell Will Now 'Rate Vaginas' for as Low as £5 and Sell Used Underwear on His OnlyFans Page! Know More About the Love Island Star's X-Rated Career Change.

Her daughter Yaela Vonk has about 434,000 followers on Instagram and she managed to convince Sandra Maria Brook to take and sell sexy pictures of herself and sell on OnlyFans. For those who do not know, OnlyFans a social media platform that has no restriction on posting anything. From softcore to XXX content one can share and sell any content. Sandra's personal Instagram account has over 11,000 followers. She has shared some pictures in suggestive poses on the platform. Yaela Vonk has a popular OnlyFans page and on a holiday together she managed to convince her mother to try it out.

She said to the Mirror, "I understand what the fans want, and I know how to give it to them. I have spent a lot of time on the stage, so I know all about performing for people," she says. "We rented a villa together in the mountains of Portugal. Yaela told me about her online work in more detail, and we just talked about it – I was happy for her that she could earn lots of money, making the virtual world work for her. I was proud of her, but I didn’t think I could do this job myself." She further explained how COVID-19 posed a little difficult for her. She said, "Of course, Covid-19 made that much more difficult! The plan was to start my OnlyFans when I had 5,000 followers on Instagram, but I started anyway in March this year with only 3,000 followers."

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