The cryptocurrency market is one of the most fast-paced financial markets presently. The market boasts of around $1.5T in market capitalization. At this market capitalization, the crypto market presents a lot of exciting opportunities.

To further deepen the opportunities on the market, the team behind Monte Finance is pleased to announce the pre-sale of its MONTE token. Interested investors can stake or deposit their MONTE token into the project's smart contracts to withdraw ETH. After the token pre-sale, the team behind Monte Finance intends to list the MONTE token on Uniswap exchange.


 MONTE is the native token of the Monte Finance project. Investors can use this token to pay for transaction fees and also buy goods and services on the Monte Finance protocol.

Token Sale

 Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the team behind Monte Finance is set to kick-start its token pre-sale. The token sale is scheduled to commence on February 27, 2021 at 5pm UTC. Snapshot will be taken 12 hours after launch and those who hold MONTE tokens from presale until the snapshot time, will get special NFT’s. The following are the details of the token:

  • Presale price: 10 tokens per ETH
  • Total Supply: 8,200
  • Marketing: 450 tokens
  • Listing price: 7.5 tokens per ETH
  • Presale: 200 ETH Softcap or 550 ETH Hardcap.
  • Minimum: 1 ETH
  • Maximum: 10 ETH

About Monte Finance

Monte Finance is a blockchain-powered project where NFT cards meet passive ETH returns. The mission or intention of the project is simple - to create an ecosystem where crypto enthusiasts can stake their MONTE tokens to receive ETH in return. The team behind Monte Finance intend to also create a community where crypto lovers can earn passive income without stress.

Monte Finance parades a team that is not just knowledgeable in NFT protocol, but also well-grounded in the dynamics of the crypto ecosystem. They have a robust customer support team that will walk you through every aspect of the project without you missing anything.

Monte Finance team are also working on possible partnerships. The team are planning to integrate into Binance Smart Chain by March – April. In addition, future partnerships and agreements will be made after the launch.

Unlike other projects that charge investors with a lot of money, Monte Finance's charges are decent for a new project. For instance, the MONTE token comes with a 3% fee upon transfer to a wallet. All the revenue realized from transfer fees will be distributed to all investors who staked their tokens through DAPP.