Deepika Padukone Weds Ranveer Singh: Perfect Dates For The Dream Wedding Of Bajirao Mastani, Explains Celebrity Numerologist Shradha A Salla
Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

It is THE wedding of the season! Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone tying the knot in Italy news has consumed reams of print and hours of television channels. The social media platforms and the digital space is flooded with every detail about their dream wedding. So, Lake Como might have been put back on the map as indeed in the collective consciousness of we Indians, fans simply are hungry for more on Dippy and Ranveer's marriage happening in the distant European locale. While everybody is busy getting their bit on the range of subjects-- from the theme of the wedding to the designer outfits that will be worn by the bride and the groom to the exotic food that will be served for the guests-- we decided to take a look at the significance of the special dates (14th and 15th November, 2018) when the superstars will tie the ceremonial knot. Celebrated celebrity numerologist Shradha A Salla gave the much needed information on these beautifully aligned dates for the beautiful wedding. Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh Wedding LIVE UPDATES: Dulha Ranveer Looks Handsome in White and Golden Sherwani - See Pic.

"The best way to convey it is that the year 2018 is ruled by the energy of the Moon. The Moon, as well know, is the planet of relations. Usually, whenever anything new is commenced ,it generally should be done in the Moon year-be it a wedding or the beginning of a relationship. So, Deepika and Ranveer have got a fantastic start ,thanks to the energy of the Moon. They have chosen 15th of the month because this day is the day of the planet Venus. Venus or Shukra is also the planet of relationships. So anything related to love, passion, relationships, travel is ruled by this planet. So Deeepika and Ranveer have hit the jackpot with both the Venus and The Moon's energy working to their advantage, as both the relationship planets are together (with the dates and the year chosen). The date 14th is all about the planet Mercury. This planet is all about celebrations, expansions and energies. So we have that undeniably powerful aspect coming into the equation. The whole alignment of the dates work well for their marriage," explains Shradha A Salla.

Deepika and Ranveer in Bajirao Mastani : File Image

"Deepika and Ranveer have chosen the dates in the right zone. The D-day is the day governed by the planet Jupiter which stands for growth and abundance. The flow of the proceedings and the ceremony will be absolutely steady and smooth. These dates also match their (birth) dates. She is number 5 and he is number 6. Naturally, there wont be any hesitations, hurdles or blockages. To add to that if Deepika wears colours such as white, yellow and pink, these hues will work well for her. Ranveer, as we all know, is very colourful any way. So he can't possibly go wrong with his colour energy. The colors such as pink and white, and themes with these colours in pastel shades will make the whole affair lovey and vibrant. There will be a lot of free flowing energy in the marriage. The vibe will be very soft and light as well. People who are going to attend the wedding with their energies will be warm and beautiful too," adds Shradha.

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We at LatestLY are excited about this marriage, much like the fans from the world over. So we have an important question for Shradha to answer. Ranveer is the ultimate live-wire of infectious energy and very bouncy. Deepika on the other hand is classy, sophisticated and elegant. So how do these dates align, and number work vis-a-vis their personalities? " it's the clear cut case of the opposites attract. So the very fact that these are dramatically different personalities coming together goes on to show that it is a great connect. Whatever one lacks will be compensated by the other. The two are very down to earth personalities. Both have had their shares of relationships before. So it's a very mature step that they are taking. The love and connect is there for all to see. On a lighter note, their energies are so positive that even if they marry in their pajama's this union is going to work fabulously well for the two," concludes Shradha.