Kabir Singh Deleted Scene Has Shahid Kapoor Giving a Lesson on Not Objectifying Women (Watch Video)
Kabir Singh Deleted Scene (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Shahid Kapoor's Kabir Singh created quite a stir upon its release. There was a furore about how the lead character treats the women in the film. The makers of the film have released deleted scenes on YouTube, which might give you a new perspective. Or maybe make things worse. When the fans of the original film, Arjun Reddy, watched the remake, Kabir Singh, they noticed there was one significant scene missing from this otherwise scene-to-scene recreation. It was revealed by the director, Sandeep Reddy Vanga, in an interview with Film Companion, that some scenes were cut because the producers were worried about the length of the film. Shahid Kapoor Defends Kabir Singh, Says 'Maybe the Way Kabir Loves Preeti, People Love This Film'.

In one of the deleted scenes, Kabir's (Shahid) best-friend Shiva (Sohum Majumdar) introduces his to-be brother-in-law to the protagonist. The NRI to-be groom antagonises Kabir by saying that the air hostesses in his flight were not pretty enough. Kabir, right there and then, asks Shiva if that is the kind of woman-objectifying guy he wants his sister to marry. Kabir adds that they themselves might use foul language but have not passed statements that objectified women. Kiara Advani Says She Is Nothing like Preeti from Kabir Singh in a Heartfelt Note.

Check Out What Happens In The Deleted Scene from Kabir Singh Here:

Kabir Singh earned over Rs 270 crore in India during its long run. The movie earned over Rs 350 crore worldwide. Shahid Kapoor is yet to announce his next project after the monumental success of this film and fans are eagerly waiting.