#MeToo Movement: Model Saahil Choudhary Accuses Designers Sadan Pande and Rohit Verma of Sexual Misconduct

We cannot stress this enough, but at the cost reiterating, here we go again. The #MeToo movement is not limited to one gender. While the majority of the stories that we are coming across are that of women who faced harassment at the hands of men, there are many cases from the other side of the spectrum. A male model and YouTube, Saahil Choudhary, has levelled sexual harassment allegations on popular designer Rohit Verma. You might remember Rohit from his stint on Bigg Boss 3. Kaneez Surka Demands Public Apology From Stand-Up Comedian Aditi Mittal For Forcefully Kissing Her.

In an exclusive conversation with Times Now, Saahil revealed the details of the ordeal on video. Later, Times of India also published a report on the same, in which Saahil was quoted as saying, “I think this was in 2015 when I had gone to meet Rohit at his Lokhandwala flat for contact building. I was having beer with him and we were sitting on a sofa. He kept coming closer while talking. Then, he put his hand on my crotch and tried to kiss me. I pushed him back and asked ‘what are you doing?’ He said sorry. I didn’t stay for long after that, since he had ordered food, I ate some and left. Next, I got to know through someone that he was looking for models for his show."

The model added that a few weeks later the designer tried to kiss him again when they met for a potential project. Responding to the allegations, Rohit has shared screenshots of his friendly conversations with Saahil with the news daily. The designer has asked why was Saahil trying to contact him if he felt harassed and called these allegations a publicity stunt.

Saahil has also levelled accusations on another designer, Sadan Pande. The model said that he accompanied Sadan to his flat one day, where the designer tried to touch his crotch and removing his boxers. Sadan has also denied these accusations.