Rapper Kanye West's name was written onto an Israeli missile and MMA fighter Haim Gozali has taken credit for the stunt. A photo was posted by Haim Gozali, an Israeli mixed-martial artist who was once affiliated with Bellator and has been very outspoken on the conflict between Israel and Hamas , often times mocking the death of Palestinians over these past few months, reports tmz.com. Elon Musk Lifts Ban on Kanye West’s Twitter Account. 

He caught heat back in November for writing the names of Muslim UFC fighters onto a bomb that seemed to be on the front lines including Khabib Nurmagomedov and others who've expressed support for Palestine. It's unclear if he himself is the one that's actually writing the names, or if he's having someone else in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) do it on his behalf, however he has taken the onus on himself.

Now, a new photo of some missiles apparently in the possession of Israeli soldiers has been posted to his Twitter account one even features Kanye’s name on it. He wrote, "@kanyewest you don’t like us jewish. So we don’t like you too!!!" The picture itself features a shell with the writing ... "Kanye West Flying to Gaza Haim Gozali." Haim appears to have been recently banned from X, but he's back now on the platform.

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