Jameela Jamil Won't Comment on the Priyanka Chopra Controversy Says She's Not Interested in Making it a Media Manipulated Cat-Fight
Jameela Jamil has this to say about the Priyanka Chopra controversy. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Priyanka Chopra recently had a rather weird incident at Beautycon LA when a woman accused her of supporting nuclear war and criticised her for showing her support for the Indian Army during her interaction session. A video of their interaction recently went viral after which Priyanka was being hailed for her response. Recently, the British actress who was born to an Indian father and a Pakistani mother was asked to comment on the ongoing Kashmir issue in India and also on the whole Priyanka fiasco. The Good Place actress took to Twitter to post a statement about the same. After Viral Video, Woman Who Heckled Priyanka Chopra Continues to Slam the Actor: 'She Gaslit Me and Made Me the Bad Guy' - Read Tweets.

Jameela tweeted saying, "I speak not from any place of cowardice, but from a place of not wanting to make anything worse from a place of any ignorance. (And stop asking me to comment on Priyanka. I’m not interested in such an important topic being reduced to an unhelpful, manipulated, media cat-fight)."

Check out her full statement here:

Jameela's response came after fans of the actress started urging her on social media to comment on Priyanka Chopra and the Pakistani woman's interactions at the event. The British actress is known for her outspokenness and often calls out people for their wrongdoings. She recently also lashed out at a journalist who confused Priyanka Chopra with her in one of his stories and later posted an apology on Twitter. Priyanka Chopra Gave an Epic Response to a Fan Who Accused her of Encouraging Nuclear War at BeautyCon LA (Watch Video).

Jameela's stand on Kashmir and the Priyanka Chopra controversy is now being hailed by her fans. The actress was assertive in not letting the media make it into an issue and especially an uncalled for 'cat fight'.