The life story of PimComedy behind being a fashion designer and launching his own PimComedy Fashion Show did not come easy. It took him every ounce of effort and belief to come back to life, even despite people pulling him down. This article sheds light on his early life and the person he has become today due to his willingness to create an identity of his own.

Pim shares that his ex-girlfriend, Pan, attempted to kill him with rat poison. He almost died and went into the spiritual realms. PimComedy luckily came back alive and was later attempted by an organized car service who beat him on his face while putting a gun to his head. Yet for the second time, he got saved. Maybe the universe had different plans for him. Pim is thankful to his angels who fought against the demons, giving him another life to live. Snoop Dogg Smokes ‘150 Joints a Day’, Claims His Blunt Roller.

Before launching himself into the fashion industry, Pim used to work for a satanic boss who behaved quite evilly towards him and his co-workers. PimComedy felt as if he had sold his soul to Satan for money, with which he kept his co-workers caged while often exploiting them.

Coming to reality and the present situation, PimComedy has emerged victorious by surpassing all the evils planned against him and enjoys his life as a poet, musician, and comedian today. His well-known fashion show, called PimComedy Fashion Show, shares the tale of his profession, exploring themes of anxiety, despair, and coming out of the shadows. Through PimComedy Fashion Awards, Pim empowers the community in New York City and on an international level by granting them $200. For Your Eyes Only: Kritika Kamra to Celebrate Working Birthday as She Shoots for Upcoming Netflix Project.

His success is evident in his notable projects, including the Off-Broadway production, the Chelsea Fashion Film Festival, and the Fashion Week FW & SS series in New York. His initiative, ‘The Set NYC', supports social issues like fighting against child trafficking and bringing people to network and display their work.

Pim comes from a background in electrical engineering, after which he pursued his artistic journey by wearing different costumes as a designer, comedian, and musician.