Bigg Boss: Sunny Leone, Dolly Bindra, Priya Malik – 5 Times Wildcard Contestants Saved the Show - Watch Video

Bigg Boss is an uber-popular show in India. Well, for a nation full of people obsessed with knowing what's happening in someone else's house, this show is perfect. Just kidding. If that was true every season of the reality show would have been a huge hit. But there were some very good times when Bigg Boss did not perform as per makers expectations. While a couple of times there was no way to salvage the show, there were a few times when wildcard contestants totally changed the game. Bigg Boss 12: 5 Contestants Who Got Naughty on Salman Khan’s Reality Show.

There have been a few incidents in the past 10 season of Bigg Boss when a contestant entered the show and turned things around for failing TRPs. These contestants deserve an applause because there have been so many wildcards who were ousted from the show sooner than they were brought in. Here we are listing down 5 contestants who saved Bigg Boss from failing TRPs.

Sunny Leone

Sunny was supposed to join season 5 from day 1 of Bigg Boss, but makers decided to keep her on standby. When the season showed terrible results on the TRP charts, Sunny was brought it, after speaking to Colors CEO Raj Nayak. She not only changed the game on the show but also in the Indian society and Indian cinema. Bigg Boss 12 Outhouse LIVE Updates: Surbhi and Kriti Are Entertaining Everyone.

Dolly Bindra

My favourite of the lot. Dolly was brought in when season 4 of Bigg Boss was turning out to be the most mellow season ever. Everyone was getting along with everyone. There was romance on the show. Everything inside the house was going well. Which meant nothing for the show was going well. Voila, the volcano Dolly Bindra entered the house and showed everyone what being on reality TV actually meant. She was a loud-mouthed firecracker who said what was on her mind exactly as it was. "Baap pe mat jaana" still remains the most iconic line ever said on the show. Bigg Boss 12: Salman Khan’s Introductory Dance Performance Has a Priyanka Chopra Connection – Watch Video.

Imam Siddiqui

The dude was brought in as the wild card entry on the show twice in the same season. That says a lot about him, right? After initial complaints, he was thrown out of the house. But the change in TRP must have been evident for the makers to bring him back. His crazy, weird persona even got on Salman Khan's nerves. Well, there is only one piece in the world like Imam.

Ajaz Khan 

Ajaz came as a wild card contestant on season 7 - the one with Gauahar Khan. The season was going pretty well even without his presence. But due to the unfortunate turn of events, Gauhar and Kushal Tandon stepped out of the house mid-season. And, along with them, a lot of masala stepped out of the show. And, in the meantime, Ajaz was brought in. we don't know if his entry was pre-planned, or was a last-ditch effort. But in the absence of the entertainment factor in the main house, he sure carried the show on his shoulders for a couple of days.

Priya Malik

Bigg Boss 9 was not Priya's first brush with the reality show. She was a popular contestant on Bigg Boss' Australian version, Big Brother. She knew the game pretty decently. She became one of the first contestants to publicly pee to win a task and well, rest is history.

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