The four potential contestants are given another task. They are required to take over the phone and call out the contestant they don't want to see on the main show. Surbhi is the first one to go. She says that she doesn't see Mital inside the main house. Surbhi adds that Mital doesn't open up easily. 

Kriti and Surbhi say that they see a ray hope that Mital and Roshmi's friendship can be saved. To this, Mital says that things won't get sorted out in a day's time. This begins an argument between Roshmi and Mital. This leads to Mital complaining that Roshmi has been saying a lot of mean things to her in the past few days. Roshmi recalls that Mital used to call her wh**e. To which, Mital says that Roshmi started the name calling by calling her b**ch in the first place. 

Things are heating up already inside the house. And Bigg Boss 12 is yet to officially begin. 

Surbhi and Kriti are already emerging as two very strong contestants on Bigg Boss 12. And the show has not even begun yet. In the latest clip available on Voot, showing us the happenings from the outhouse, both the ladies are seen talking about their mothers. They sweetly say how their mothers call them up and ask them to turn the video on so that they get see them. 

While they are telling this as a funny story, you will certainly relate to it if you are also living away from your parents. It might just make you emotional. BTW, Surbhi and Kriti have a great sense of humour. 

The four contestants in outhouse are asked to gather around the TV. Bigg Boss makes his first announcement of the season. He begins by congratulating the four contestants for changing the history of the show with the new format. Further, it is announced that only two of them - not necessarily the pairs in which they entered the house - can win the chance to enter the main house. 

The four ladies are asked by Bigg Boss to all the aspects of their personality on display. The viewers will vote for their favourite and take them ahead in the game. No one is shocked upon learning this. Mital and Roshmi taunt Kriti and Surbhi by saying that there was no point of the two being so pally with each other and sticking with each other since any two of the four could enter the house. Revenge is a dish best served cold. 

Just when you thought Kriti and Surbhi are warming up Mital, they show their true colours. Kriti and Surbhi start taking digs at Roshmi and Mital's 'enemy' story and call it scripted. They do make sense if you think about it. You don't just call up your enemy one day to ask them to audition with you to Bigg Boss. 

While Roshmi is totally chill with the name-calling, the case is not the same with Mital. She is taking offence at the fact  Kriti and Surbhi are making fun of her. She announces that now there are three enemies for her in the house. 

And here's the man himself Salman Khan talking about Bigg Boss Outhouse. The makers have dropped a new promo in which we see Salman inviting viewers to watch Bigg Boss Outhouse and later we see the four girls get into a heated argument with each other.


Well, the drama is clearly intensifying inside the outhouse of Bigg Boss.

Earlier, Surbhi had revealed that she is a scientist working in Chandigarh. She has quit her job to make a career here in Mumbai. While talking to Mital she tells her that she comes from a village. When Roshmi interrupts them by asking if she has quit her job to be on Bigg Boss, Surbhi says, "Talk to my hand, baby, cuz this face ain't talking to you!"

Roshmi asks her if she will never talk to her, to which Surbhi says that Roshmi started this. Roshmi tries to explain that she is also trying to end it now. But to no avail to Surbhi. 

Surbhi continues her story as to how she became the successful person she is today. She says that because she came from the village, students in her college used to bully her. Mital adds that her story is also similar. She also comes from a non-English speaking background because of which she was made fun of. She adds that, just like Surbhi, she also is the only earning member of her family. 

After the appeal for voting, Roshmi has isolated herself from the other three contestants who have become friends. Roshmi is sitting on the bed alone, talking to herself. She is making judgements about all three women in the house with her. 

 Kriti, Surbhi and Mital find some chips and biscuits in the house and start eating. Surbhi says, "Hello friends, chips kha lo", a dig at the popular viral video about 'Chai pee lo'. To this, Roshmi replied, "Hello friends, drama dekh lo". 

Roshmi will be amazing inside the house. 

After Bigg Boss asked the ladies to appeal to the audience to vote for them and send them to the main house, one by one they come in front of the camera and give reasons why they deserve to go to the main house tomorrow.

As Roshmi was making her appeal, the other three girls were making fun of her behind her back.

While Surbhi and Kriti have entered Bigg Boss 12 Outhouse as friends, after forming an alliance on Roadies, Mital and Roshmi's story is not as sweet. The former two ladies have entered the show as enemies. Yes, you read that right. They revealed that used be friends when they were in the ninth standard in school but for the past nine years they have been enemies. 

Mital reveals that Roshmi started dating the guy she used to like thus betraying their friendship. Roshmi said that the guy was interested in her only, to begin with. Surbhi Rana and Kriti Verma try to put some sense into them by saying boyfriend is the worst thing to fight about. 

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The 12th season of Bigg Boss is all set to premiere on Sunday, tomorrow. Once again, Salman Khan will be hosting the show. The theme for this season is Vichitra Jodis, which means contestants will participate in pairs. Well, we have already told you about the celebrity contestants taking part in the show this year, and, we will be introduced to the commoner contestants tomorrow. But technically, four of those commoners have already begun the contestation for the winner's trophy. A parallel segment of Bigg Boss 12 called Outhouse Taala Khol has already begun. Outhouse Taala Khol has locked four of the commoner contestants inside a smaller house next to the main house. Bigg Boss 12: Salman Khan’s Introductory Dance Performance Has a Priyanka Chopra Connection – Watch Video.

In the outhouse, contestants will participate in various tasks over the next 24 hours. And guess what? The audience will get to pick which contenders will enter the show. The voting lines are now open on the Voot app. And the show has begun. Stay tuned for the live updates of Bigg Boss Outhouse Taala Khol.