The Kapil Sharma Show: Krushna Abhishek Opens Up On His Absence From Govinda, Sunita and Narmada's Episode of The Show
File Image of Govinda and Krushna Abhishek (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Looks like the whole Krushna Abhishek, Kashmera Shah- Govinda and Sunita war of words of 2018 does not seem to have died down. And the same was proved when actors Govinda, wife Sunita and their daughter Narmada graced The Kapil Sharma Show, but Krushna Abhishek remained inconspicuous with his absence. BT reached out to Krushna, who is a permanent member of Kapil Sharma's team, who revealed that while he and his Chi Chi Mama (Govinda) had sorted out their differences a long time back, his Mami (Sunita) was still miffed. It all started when Govinda and Sunita graced Comedy Nights Bachao and Kashmera had tweeted saying, 'people who dance for money'. While Krushna still maintains that his wife's tweet was aimed at his sister Arti Singh, looks like Sunita is not buying it. Krushna Abhishek Reacts to Pay Cut Rumours For The Kapil Sharma Show; Says They're Completely False

Said Krushna, "Time and again, I have tried to clarify that the post was for my sister Arti (Singh). I wish mama takes stock of things and we resolve our differences once and for all. Chi Chi mama and I patched up six months ago. I have been to his house a couple of times to meet him, and we are in touch. In fact, I met him in Dubai 20 days ago and he had asked me to mend ties with mami, but she still seems upset. I am what I am because of years of hard work. Yes, mama helped us when we were young, but we never sought help from him for work. Had that been the case, I would have featured in several films by now. Chi Chi mama has been a superstar and could have pulled a few strings if we had asked for his help."

Expressing that he never wished for their family feud to become so public, Krushna continued, "I was told by the team that Sunita Ii didn’t want me to be a part of the segment featuring them. So, I appeared in a gig before their entry. It was sad and shocking, as my character (Sapna) is an integral part of the show. However, I chose not to create a ruckus because it was Narmada’s big day, and they had come to promote her album. If I could do this for my sister being the older brother, I expected the same from my elders. It’s so sad that while Chi Chi mama (Govinda) doesn’t want us to fight or talk about our issues in public, something like this has happened."