Bareilly MLA Rajesh Mishra Denies Honour Killing Attempt Allegations Levelled Against Him By Daughter In Video
Video screengrab of Bareilly MLA's daughter asking for help. (Photo credits: Twitter)

Uttar Pradesh, July 10: Bareilly MLA Rajesh Mishra'daughter released a video appealing to her father to stop opposing her love marriage and call back his goons. According to the latest development in the case, SSP Bareilly said, "We've have seen the video posted by the couple on social media. If they write to us asking for security, then we will certainly provide it to them."

In response to all the allegations, Rajesh Mishra said, "My daughter is an adult and has a right to take decisions. She has not been threatened by any member of the family or any person associated with me."

Check the tweet by ANI here:

From the video, which has been released it is clear that the daughter has married a man against her families wishes and fears honour killing. Reportedly, the daughter married a man from the Dalit community, and therefore, her family is against their marriage. Honour Killing in Maharashtra: Couple Set on Fire by Woman's Father Over Inter-Caste Marriage.

There have been two videos that have been released, one in which the girl appears alone asking for help because she fears her father will kill them. In the second video, she appears with her husband and together they appeal for help and support from the people of Bareilly and UP Police.

Check the video where she appeals for help:

Here is another video, where she appears with her husband and they request help:

In the videos, they clearly mention that if anything happens to either of them or her husband's family, her father will be solely responsible for it. India must have progressed in a lot of areas, but instances like these when a daughter has to resort to going live on social media because she fears honour killing just because she went and married a Dalit man, makes our head hang in shame.