Skyrocketing to fame in the eCommerce space in the recent years is Ecom Conquistadores - the fastest growing Spanish-speaking online commerce community - a family of eCommerce mentors and experts with the same goals in training and guiding many others to advance to the next level. Ecom Conquistadores offers a 3-step process designed to build brands online in just 30 days proven to generate 6 or more figures. Entrepreneur students of their program get front seat access to what is really behind the scenes to make a living from online commerce and how their success stories started, how they climbed to the top with Facebook Ads and how they managed all of the operations.

What sets Ecom Conquistadores’ successful technique apart from many others is the design itself. Their proven and tested method is designed and fashioned to literally be just copy-pasted by student entrepreneurs with massive probabilities of sales and turnovers. The program plainly, yet precisely, shows their student entrepreneurs Ecom Conquistadores’ brands, how products are found, how marketing is created around them and how the company scales and automates the entire process.

In 2020, many people have lost their jobs and many businesses closed or shortened their operations because of the Covid-19 pandemic. For many entrepreneurs, since the pandemic started up until it subsides in the next few years, embarking on new business ventures may not be advisable. But if one just knows how to get maximum potential from the right sources and channel, the income probabilities can be massive. Oriol Vignut, a mechanical engineer and entrepreneur who made $3 million in just 12 months with eCommerce by applying engineering principles on the ecommerce space and CEO of Ecom Conquistadores, knows and has proven this already. When many businesses across the world were forced to close their doors, Oriol saw an opportunity in the eCommerce market, going from billing 0 to 6 figures in just 20 days during the pandemic.

Observing the world around him when the pandemic struck, Oriol Vignut noticed that there was a market niche that was growing more and more in demand. Oriol looked for the most popular eCommerce trends for products through AliExpress. Through this test, Oriol found out what was working best when it came to selling in other countries. On top of this, Oriol also looked around at his sales competitors to see what they were doing to easily catch customer’s attention before launching his marketing strategies.

Fast forward to the creation of his training program, Oriol started training student entrepreneurs who easily turned over and earned 5 to 6 figures in a matter of weeks. Their greatest student success stories and now their proudest top 2 case studies are Case #1 with $1.3 million revenue in just 7 months and Case #2 with $450K in just 20 days (profit approximate 25%).

Thanks to online commerce and his mechanical engineering expertise, Oriol now teaches other entrepreneurs who start from zero to understand and start venturing in the eCommerce market for massive income probabilities.