PM Narendra Modi Instructs Ministers To Be Careful About Their Tweet
PM Narendra Modi with ministers (Photo Credits: PIB)

New Delhi, June 14: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a slew of instructions for central ministers in a bid to instil discipline. In his first meeting with his Council of Ministers on Wednesday, PM Narendra Modi asked them to be careful about their tweets and statements in public to avoid any controversy. This is seen as another warning to "motormouth" ministers after his speech at the Central Hall of Parliament.

PM Modi also asked ministers to make changes in their style of working with the use of technology and by keeping a tab on each and every programme under their ministries. "It's also a message that we should not just jump to make observations or announce plans without doing the homework. He wants everyone to put full effort to achieve targets and deliver the promises we have made," a union minister was quoted by TOI as saying. Narendra Modi Holds No Meeting With Pakistan PM Imran Khan at SCO Summit.

In the Central Hall of Parliament, the prime minister told newly-elected Members of Parliament to steer clear of the VIP culture and unnecessary publicity. "I often see that some people are restless until they issue a “message to the nation”. The media is also aware of this and they will wait outside the gates since morning hoping for a sound byte. We are blamed for things which we are not responsible for," he had said.

PM Modi also asked ministers to give up 'work from home' culture and instructed them to reach office on time every morning. He asked ministers to reach office by 9:30 am. Citing his own example, PM Modi said he used to reach office before officers were in when he was the chief minister of Gujarat. To his Cabinet Ministers, PM Modi said they should give adequate responsibilities to their deputies.