Building your online brand is time consuming work. All of the hours planning and developing your content, connecting with your audience and establishing a rapport don't suddenly end when you start landing your clients. Instead, you now have to actively balance your outreach and engagement schedule with actually providing the service you set out to implement. All of this can lead to being overwhelmed and your brand suffering for it. That's why Christina Connects is here to help you share the burden. Think of Christina as the Digital Service Provider's Digital Service Provider.

Christina is adept at taking on your brand's online voice; engaging with your audience, nurturing leads and developing rapport through your social media accounts and DM's in a way that's authentic and true to your brand. This leaves you with the time and energy to focus on implementing your products effectively and growing your business.

Having witnessed many virtual assistants, coaches and service providers struggle to get ahead after launching their brands due to becoming bogged down in their own schedules, Christina noticed that she could apply her own passion for connecting with people and skills for navigating the online sphere into a service that gave value to other service providers trying to scale their businesses. She knows that many of these brands are a one-man show, and despite how many powerful gals there are hustling hard for their craft, you can't be everywhere at once. She understands that where your focus goes, your energy flows; working diligently to ensure that your focus is on your brand's growth and success, not every-which way in a million social media conversations trying to convert lukewarm leads.

Christina is a pioneer and a leader in her field of organic lead generation. She works closely with her clients (who are service providers and coaches working with their own respective clients) to understand and help them develop their online 'voice'. She then uses this voice to act as their proxy, generating and securing leads, driving engagement and pushing the online presence of the brand forward. Christina's intimate relationship developed with her clients ensures the customer experience is consistent and seamless. She implements positive sales psychology tactics, creates her own content and offers a fresh perspective and ideas on how to maximize her client's online effectiveness; providing value for her clients with every interaction. It's like having 2 extra hands and a whole spare brain working for you!

Christina is a proven lead generator, having developed her own unique system with a 76% response rate, and constantly staying on top of the latest platforms, trends and potential methods for connecting with audiences. Christina brings tangible value to all of her clients; doubling one client's sales, and pushing another to 70k sales months with strong progress towards their 6 figure month goal. Her compassionate and insightful mindset and tailor made strategies for optimization and conversion provide the firm support her clients need, enabling them to confidently push harder providing quality services and growing their brands with a firm peace of mind.

If you're tired of chasing down leads, pushing hard in cold conversations and trying to stay on top of the maintenance of your social media accounts, Christina Connects is your solution. Connect with her through her website or on Instagram and revolutionize your digital service, and live the success you're destined for, today!