Mumbai Monsoon 2019 Update: IMD Predicts Moderate Rainfall, Cloudy Weather For Next 24 Hours
Mumbai Rains. | Representational Image. (Photo Credit: PTI)

Mumbai, June 25: The monsoon in Mumbai has arrived, but the precipitation is far from sight. Though the India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Tuesday confirmed the onset of Monsoon in Mumbai, the city did not witness any amount of precipitation since morning. Now Mumbai Municipal Corporation, BMC, through its social media handle claimed IMD's prediction that the moderate rains will take place in the next 24 hours.

Keeping the Mumbaikars hopeful of the rains, Mumbai's civic body's Disaster Management department took to Twitter and wrote that on Wednesday, quoting IMD, that there would be a cloudy sky with light to moderate rain in city and suburbs for next 24 hours. It also informed that the same situation might prevail in the next hours. Monsoon 2019 Tracker: Rainfall Forecast in India; Progress of Southwest Monsoon Winds And Weather Prediction For Next 5 Days

Here's the tweet:

Earlier, in the day, India Meteorological Department (IMD) predicted that Mumbai -along with rest of Maharashtra would receive rainfall on Tuesday. Though predictions didn't turn out to be entirely true, light rains were observed in nearby Thane district. Also, in Pune's Lonavla too, light precipitations were observed, while cloudly weather covered the hill station for most of the time.

In the All India Weather Summary And Forecast Bulletin on Tuesday, IMD mentioned, "Southwest monsoon has further advanced into remaining parts of central Arabian Sea, Konkan and Maharashtra, some parts of north Arabian sea and south Gujarat and some more parts of Madhya Pradesh." This has even been confirmed by