Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Indelible Inks Washing Off Immediately After Voting, Say Reports
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New Delhi, April 11: In what is likely to raise questions at the Election Commission, reports citing Twitter users claim that indelible inks on voters' fingers were getting washed off minutes after casting their votes. Among those who have complained on social media includes noted journalist Bhupendra Chaubey. Mayawati Writes to EC in UP, Alleges Dalits Stopped From Reaching Polling Booths

Chaubey, a prominent face of CNN-News 18, said the ink on his finger came off shortly after he voted at a polling booth in Noida. Notably, the indelible ink is used by the polling body to ensure voters do not cast their mandate more than once.

Watch Chaubey Explaining How Ink From His Finger Vanished:

Apart from Chaubey, other voters took to Twitter to convey to the Commission that the indelible ink being used is failing to serve its purpose.

Quint Correspondent Reiterates The Charge:

"Ink Has Already Vanished"

Apart from the indelible ink controversy, the EVM row also erupted during the phase of polls, as several voting machines malfunctioned in Andhra Pradesh. According to Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, nearly 30 per cent of the EVMs malfunctioned. The SEO, however, claimed that only 362 of the 45,000-odd voting machines were hit by a glitch.