Mayawati, Narendra Modi's War of Words Escalates, BSP Chief Says 'PM Being Abused as He Deserves It'
PM Narendra Modi and BSP chief Mayawati. (Photo Credit: PTI)

Gorakhpur, May 13: The political controversy over the ‘farzi backward’ and a ‘fake OBC’ leader remarks are still not over and Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati has yet again hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the latest, Mayawati had cautioned PM Modi to of his speeches and stated that 'those who deserve to be abused are only abused'.

Addressing an electoral public rally in Gorakhpur on Monday, Mayawati said, "Apni jan sabhayo mein yeh bata rahein hain ki mujhe vipakshi dal mil kar aaye din nayi gaali de rahe hain, yeh swabhavik hai ki kisi bhi vyakti ko gaali tabhi di jaati hai jab veh gaali khane ka kaam karta hai,Sri Modi ko dhyaan mein rakh kar chalna chahiye (He (PM Modi) in his address is claiming that opposition parties are abusing him. This is normal as only those persons are abused, who deserve to be abused. Sri Modi should keep this in mind)." Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Mayawati Attacks Narendra Modi on His Marriage, Says ‘Women in BJP Are Scared of Their Husbands Meeting the Prime Minister’

Earlier reacting to PM's statement with regard to the Alwar gangrape case, Mayawati said Modi was silent on the issue. Also, she made had made a bizarre statement alleging women in the BJP are scared of their husbands meeting the Prime Minister fearing they might also 'abandon their wives'.

The press release of Mayawati stated, "I have come to know that in BJP, women leaders get scared when they see their husbands going near PM Modi. They fear that like Modi they might also abandon their wives." PM Narendra Modi Breaks Silence on 'Farzi OBC' Row in UP, Says, 'I Belong to Just One Caste, Whatever Caste The Poor Belong To'

It is to be known that PM Modi while taking on the accusations of caste-politics by Mayawati had said, "They (SP-BSP) have started a new thing about my caste. I want to tell them that Modi belongs to just one caste – whatever caste the poor belong to, I belong to that caste."