Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Mayawati Attacks Narendra Modi on His Marriage, Says ‘Women in BJP Are Scared of Their Husbands Meeting the Prime Minister’
File images of Mayawati | (Photo Credits: PTI)

Lucknow, May 13: In a bizarre statement and personal attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BSP president Mayawati Monday alleged that women in the BJP are scared of their husbands meeting the Prime Minister fearing they might also "abandon their wives". "I have come to know that in BJP, women leaders get scared when they see their husbands going near PM Modi. They fear that like Modi they might also abandon their wives," Mayawati said in a press release issued here.

"Under such circumstances, I request all the women of the country not to give their votes to such a person. This would also be their real respect to the deserted wife of Modiji," Mayawati said. Reacting to Prime Minister's statement with regard to the Alwar gangrape case, Mayawati said Modi was silent on the issue. Mayawati, PM Modi Spar Over Alwar Gangrape Case: BSP Chief Asks 'How Can He Respect Others' Sisters, Wives After Leaving His Own?'

"He (Modi) is trying to play dirty politics over it so that in the elections his party can be benefited. It is extremely shameful. How can he respect others' sisters and wives when he has left his own wife for political gains?."

"He has only said it after I made my views public on the issue....," Mayawati said and accused the Prime Minister of using this "heinous" crime for political motives.

The BSP president said her party is saddened and concerned over the Alwar incident and could also think of withdrawing support to the Congress led government for not taking prompt action and " there should not be any doubt in the minds of anyone over this".