Lisa Bree Hoggarth is a renowned Australian Supermodel. She is often called the Face of Fashion, especially since her Instagram fame with “Hallways Are Runways.” Being a model is something that comes to Lisa naturally, and, recently she said she always had a deep interest in sports. When she was in High School she represented Victoria in Volleyball and played in Australia’s National Finals.

Now she is asking that modelling be considered as an Olympic Sport, she said, “Modeling is a sport and I intend to have it recognised. Think of the preparation that goes into a particular photo shoot, the fitness workouts prior, the diet maintenance, the poses practice, these are all on par with the regime of an athlete.”

From childhood, Lisa has been a fashionista. She loved dressing up and pretending to do the ramp walk. As a sports lover, with fond memories of Sydney’s 2000 Olympics and also dressing up as Gymnast and perfect 10 Olympian Nadia Comaneci in High School, Lisa’s vision is to see the two talents of hers combine.

As a supermodel, Lisa Bree Hoggarth has appeared in multiple fashion magazines and has been a part of some big shows in Australia. Con Magazine covered the beauty in one of their editions and she’s been featured in Savage Magazine.

Along with personal achievements, Lisa loves winning to represent Australia.

Supermodel Lisa Bree Hoggarth says that she wants to pitch the idea of having Olympic Games Host Modelling as a Sport and would like it to happen in the next four years.

Lisa believes that modelling is also a sport, and she wants the world to recognise it for more than just a glamorous industry. Lisa is quite successful but believes that she has the potential to do a lot more. We wish her good luck with all her endeavours.