Summer Fashion 2019: Best and Worst Fabrics to Get Through The Summer Heat
Summer fabrics (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

The summer season has begun and we are sure all of us are feeling the heat. The constant sweat is very irritating and thus one needs to be careful about the kind of outfit they pick. There are some fabrics which make you sweat and left you with a smell. It can get uncomfortable to get through the day. There are some fabrics in which you can still be comfortable in the scorching heat. Thus, it is important for you to take a closer look at the fabrics you opt to wear in summer, say, experts. Narendra Kumar, Creative Director at Amazon Fashion, and designer duo Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna share which fabric to pick in summer. Summer Fashion Tips: How to Rock Monochrome Outfits This Season.

Cotton: Pile up on pretty cotton dresses, shirts and skirts and flared skirts which allow air to circulate and move freely through the fabric, absorbing moisture. Easy breezy light-weight cotton chinos work best when it comes to bottoms, go for a lycra blend for added comfort. Opt for lighters colours to beat the heat.

Linen: This fabric has a relaxed vibe. These days you can find linen and cotton blends that makes them even more affordable. It will effortlessly complement any look while keeping you cool. A loosely woven fabric allows heat to escape from the body and dries quickly. It crumples easily, which is the only thing you need to be wary off. Pair a crop top or t-shirt with linen pants.

Khadi: Handwoven, it is primarily spun with cotton and sometimes, wool and silk. Even without any added embroidery, it has an unusual appeal. Whether as a Nehru style jacket, kurta or sari, this fabric adopts a versatile look.

Polyester: Athleisure and sportswear highly work with polyester. This fabric is highly durable and water-resistant and therein lies its biggest flaw. It traps sweat and becomes a sweaty person's nightmare. While it is low-cost and remains relatively wrinkle-free through numerous uses, polyester outfits are best kept in your wardrobe for summer workouts and swimwear.

Denim: Summer is the time for denim shorts, skirts and dungarees galore. It's actually a highly impractical choice. It is not breathable and the fit is fairly restrictive, making it a bad choice for the summer. A useful tip is to stick to chambray, which looks very much like denim but is lightweight and breathable, unlike denim. Summer Fashion: Here's Why Your Ripped Jeans Are a Strict No-No On Sunny Days.

Flowy fabrics: Certain flowy silks like light chiffons and georgettes are great for evenings as these fabrics naturally adjust to your body temperature. However, breezy summer wear is more than just choosing the right fibre; even the colour should be considered. Opt for pastel shades with subtle prints instead of opting for dark and deep hues.

We hope the above list gives you a fair idea about what kinds of clothes or fabrics you should choose during the summers. With the heat just too much to take in just at the early start of summers, it is bound to increase more in the days to come. So pick the right fabrics and be cool through the heat. (With IANS Inputs)