Day of the Imprisoned Writer 2019 Date: History and Significance of the International Day Observed Every Year on November 15
Day of The Imprisoned Writer (Photo Credits: File Image)

The ‘Day of the Imprisoned Writer’ is an international observance day which recognises writers from around the world who have been fighting repression and are taking a stand against those in power who violate basic human rights and freedom of expression. The concept of Day of the Imprisoned Writer came into being in the early 80s when the rules for freedom of press and freedom of free speech were much more stringent than they are now.

We often see how writers, poets, journalists etc. are not allowed to practise their freedom of speech and expression, because of their stand against the ruling power in the country. The people in power abuse their might in punishing those voices that are against them, or is even critical of their work. World Press Freedom Index Report 2019: India Slips to 140 Out of 180 Countries.

Date of the Day of the Imprisoned Writer 2019

The Day of the Imprisoned Writer is an annual affair which takes place on November 15. The event was started in 1981 by the PEN International’s Writers in Prison Committee.

Founded in London, Pen International is an association of writers, who hail from different parts of the world and promote friendship and co-operation among fellow writers. It has over 100 centres across the world.

Significance of the Day of the Imprisoned Writer 2019

Every year, the PEN International organisation highlights a few of the oppressed writers around the world, who are either persecuted or imprisoned, and draw attention to their plight. The Day of the Imprisoned Writer also commemorates the writers who have been killed. 

During Day of the Imprisoned Writer 2019, the Pen International organisation is highlighting the cases of Lydia Cacho, Stella Nyanzi, Shakthika Sathkumara, Nedim Turfent, and Galal El-Behairy.

As Pen International puts it, “On this November 15, the Day of Imprisoned writer, we are calling for urgent international action to protect writers and journalists worldwide who are increasingly targeted by state and non-state actors simply for carrying out their work [sic].”

The Day of the Imprisoned Writer marks a day of respect for all those writers who are currently imprisoned by different governments around the world or have lost their lives fighting for the freedom of speech and expression. As a mark of respect, we at LatestLY, convey our regards and stand in solidarity with the freedom of expression on the Day of the Imprisoned Writer.