Happy Summer Solstice 2019 Wishes: On Longest Day of The Year, People Exchange First Day of Summer Greetings and Pics of Sunrise
Happy summer solstice 2019 (Photo Credits: File Image)

June 21 the longest day of the year for those living in the northern hemisphere as it marks the Summer Solstice 2019. Also known as June Solstice, the day marks a seasonal change, rather the beginning of summers in the northern part of the world. Summer Season 2019 begins after the Summer Solstice, a day at which the sun is at the highest point in the sky from our planet. On this day, people have started sharing beautiful pictures of the summer sun. People from various parts of the country are sharing the first sunrise of summer 2019 on their social media. People are also exchanging good wishes and sending Happy Summer greetings to each other. Summer Season 2019 Google Doodle: Search Engine Marks The Summer Solstice in Northern Hemisphere.

While this day is the longest day for the people of the Northern hemisphere it is likewise the shortest day for those in the southern hemisphere. The date of Summer solstice doesn't change mostly but it depends on the calendar too. It is decided based on the earth's tilt towards the sun, which is approximately at 23.5 degrees. The summer solstice is marked with great enthusiasm in some parts of the world, especially at Stonehenge in England. Summer Solstice 2019 Date: Know Everything About the Longest Day of The Year.

Check Pictures of Sunrise on The Longest Day of The Year

Happy Solstice

The Solstice Sun

Happy Summer Solstice 

Celebrations at Stonehenge

Beautiful sunrise

A beautiful video of a sunrise 

The sunrise is sure painting a beautiful picture everyone and people are excited to welcome seasonal change. People are ready to bask in the summer shine. We too wish you have a wonderful summer filled with the sunshine of joys and happiness. Happy Summer Solstice 2019!