Dalgona Coffee is Viral Trend on Social Media, Here's How to Make Whipped Brew That Has Caught Internet's Fancy (Watch Videos)
Dalgona coffee trend (Photo Credits: Instagram/barista_becky)

Some of you may be working from home these days, but you still need your morning coffee! The caffeine is a much-needed boost to get that lazy and drowsiness off your eyes. And if you have been quite active on social media, then you must have come across a new coffee trend that is going viral, the Dalgona Coffee. Very easy to make with just four regular ingredients, it is a nicely whipped thick cream coffee. Now so many people are trying it out, making it a fad on the internet. If you are still unaware of this brew or have seen one but don't know how to make it, we give you some recipe videos. Mushroom Coffee To Beat Stress And Fight Diseases, Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Food Trend.

Dalgona coffee is extremely easy to make, all you need is a whisk or a hand blender. It essentially is a thick and creamy coffee made with the beating of coffee, sugar and hot water. The name Dalgona comes from a South Korean sweet toffee of the same name. In the last few days, #DalgonaCoffee is trending on social media with videos and pictures of those who have tried it flooding on the internet. And those who have tried it, are definitely loving the taste of it. If you too want to try it out, here are some videos that will help you out. Dalgona Coffee Recipes: Here's How to Brew the Perfect Beverage Quickly at Home; Watch Videos of Whipped Coffee Going Viral on Social Media.

Watch Video of How to Make Dalgona Coffee:

TikTok Video Recipe of Dalgona Coffee:

Check Some Pics of The Yummy Brew:


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The thick creamy top looks so tempting, right? Even a non-coffee lover might feel like having it just for the frothy foam of coffee mix. So what are you waiting for? Utilise your quarantine by indulging in this frothy coffee. Depending on your preference you can use either hot or cold milk. Of you prefer iced, then add some ice to your milk.