World Breast Cancer Research Day was launched very recently in 2021 and the primary aim of the day is to recognise the life-changing research to end breast cancer on a global level. This day not only aims to spread awareness about this leading type of cancer in women but also to spread the word about the research being done to screen and detect breast cancer, along with finding long-term solutions to it. It is interesting to note that both men and women are actually prone to breast cancer, since both have breast tissues. But since women generally have more breast tissues, women account for 99% of all breast cancer cases. Read on to learn more about the date and significance of World Breast Cancer Research Day 2022. World Cancer Day 2022 Date, Theme, History and Significance: From Facts to Symptoms of Cancer, Everything You Need To Know About the Fatal Health Condition

When is World Breast Cancer Research Day 2022?

World Breast Cancer Research Day is observed on August 18 annually. Although the breast cancer research and advocacy is highlighted in the month of October, this day is observed in August to stress on the fact that this is an issue that needs to be talked about all-year round. The date, August 18, which is the 18th day in the eighth month, has been chosen to denote the numbers of 1 in 8 women who are susceptible to be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. The figure stands at 1 in 833 for men, according to This day plays a major role in highlighting the need for spreading awareness about breast cancer worldwide.

Significance of World Breast Cancer Research Day

Apart from spreading awareness related to breast cancer, this day aims to highlight the success of breast cancer research and the importance of continuing this research to generate long-lasting cures. The breast cancer movement is notedly one of the largest movements promoting women’s health and wellbeing. The shortcomings of the movement are that a significant amount of funds have been allocated to screen and detect the disease but many feel that not enough focus has been placed on recognising the ways of preventing breast cancer or for the research of new treatments for this disease.

Women are encouraged the world over to conduct regular breast exams to stay aware. The risk factors in women typically include genetics, hormonal changes, alcohol consumption, obesity and the lack of physical exercise, among others. This World Breast Cancer Research Day 2022, we recognise the research and spread awareness about breast cancer.

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