Pakistan is on The Forbes Travel List of '10 Coolest Places to Go in 2019' and India Isn't, Twitter is Divided
Pakistan on coolest places to go in 2019 has twitter divided (Photo Credits: File Image)

The world has countless places to explore and you cannot possibly visit all of them. Each country has something special to see within and the only way we can just see all of them is via social media or travel bloggers, who keep updating their travels, sharing it with their followers. Besides if you are an ardent traveller there are curated lists every year which gives a specific number of countries to pay a visit to. One of the lists shared by Forbes has proved to be a bit controversial on Twitter. A listicle for '10 Coolest Places to Go in 2019' has featured Pakistan. But no mention of India on that list has got people shocked. Best Country in The World: Switzerland Maintains Top Spot Thrice in a Row, Japan Ranks Second According to 2019 Best Countries Report.

The list was given by a travel blogger and the other countries on the list are Azores (Portugal) at the top, followed by Eastern Bhutan, Colombia. Pakistan ranks at number 8 on the top 10 list. Turkish Riviera is at number 10. Hunza, Shigar and Khaplu are some of the places that the writer has suggested to visit in Pakistan. However, India not finding a place has left some of the people disappointed. As soon as the list was shared on Twitter, Indians began questioning as to where is India? It left Twitter little divided over Pakistan's presence and India's absence. India Second Best Country to Start Business, Malaysia Tops List: Survey.

Check The Forbes List of Coolest Places to Go, 2019

While everyone agreed that Pakistan is a beautiful country, the country is, unfortunately, more in the news for the political troubles. It may not be considered as a safe place but that doesn't make it less of a beauty. Check how Twitterati reacted to the same.

India Missing, Modiji?

Don't Freak Out!

Too confused on how to react

Some were quick to add and share pictures from Pakistan to show how beautiful of a place it is.

Beautiful indeed

The pictures are spectacular and does show that it is a beautiful country to visit. But looks like, some people cannot get over that it is among the 'coolest' travel places. Have you ever had a chance to visit this beautiful country and would you like to explore Pakistan?