Travel, Smoke Weed and Get Paid! Heavy Hitters From California is Looking for National Ambassadors
Representational Image (Photo credits: Pixabay)

Are you a weed person? Well, it may seem too direct to ask someone this at the first go but that's what a company in California is looking for. Imagine being able to travel to different parts, smoke weed and getting paid for it. Well, that's what a vape company, Heavy Hitters is offering. A job for basically promoting their vape cartridges, the person will travel to different places, be a part of several events and get high on marijuana and life in general! The person will be paid $1,200 per month in cash and $500 credit for products of the company. Cannabis Ice Cream? Florida Doctors Are Prescribing Weed-Infused Desserts To Reduce Pain and Anxiety. 

It is the age of social media and online promotions work better to create publicity. Since most of the youngsters globally are united over the internet, the company is trying its best to get their vaping products across by reaching to people of similar interests. The position is called 'national ambassadors’ and there are 20 vacancies as of now. The person will be called a Heavy Hitters Original, who will promote the vape cartridges. With Weed-Beer in the Making, These Weed-Infused Drinks Could Serve as Potions for Stoners Around the World. 

The official website states, "Apply to become a Heavy Hitters Original for a chance to get paid to get high, go to the best events and help others learn about Heavy Hitters and the best taste and most enjoyable high in California. We are looking for 20 of the most interesting, passionate, outgoing Heavy Hitters fans." The applicant has to make a minute-long video stating why they qualify and why they like Heavy Hitters. They will have to talk about their talents, skills and what makes them original. After uploading the video on social media profiles they will promote it to get attention from others.

For someone who loves marijuana, enjoys good company, meeting new people and definitely get the work done at the same time, this sounds like a dream opportunity!