Cannabis Ice Cream? Florida Doctors Are Prescribing Weed-Infused Desserts To Reduce Pain and Anxiety
Cannabis infused ice-cream to reduce pain? (Photo credits: Pixabay)

The medicinal effects of cannabis are still being studied and it has proved beneficial according to few pieces of research. There are certain medicines, especially those of epilepsy which are derived from marijuana and have been approved by the FDA. There are several countries however which tag marijuana or cannabis as illegal. But doctors in Florida are recommending ice-creams infused with cannabis as a cure from anxiety and pain! Heavenly Hash Creamery is an expert in making these infused sweet treats and doctors are advising several patients to try them. What is Epidiolex? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Marijuana-Derived Drug for Epilepsy. 

Physicians are selling these Heavenly Hash ice-creams which include CBD (cannabidiol), a compound from marijuana. But need not worry about the high because the compound is non-psychoactive, so it will not cause any dizzy effects. Doctors have observed that those who ate these ice-creams, did not rely on the prescriptive medicines. It can reduce a patient's anxiety, pain and also the side effects felt by the chemotherapy treatment. ‘Cannabis Coffee’ to Be Introduced in a UK Cafe, May Help Reduce Stress & Anxiety. 

Almost 30 clinics in Florida are selling these ice-creams which have been founded in Manatee County, Florida. Before developing these ice-creams, the founder Matthew Eastman met with an oncologist. They were looking at making a high-fat and high-protein ice cream containing CBD. A lot of cancer patients don't eat well during the chemotherapy sessions as there are some terrible side effects. It can also cause feelings of depression and anxiety. So this CBD infused ice-creams some as a great and cost-effective option. With Weed-Beer in the Making, These Weed-Infused Drinks Could Serve as Potions for Stoners Around the World. 

The oncology nurse Susan Scherer was quoted to Daily Mail, "They don't have to take opioids, medications to sleep, they don’t have to pay for anything anymore. Here we're able to help them with their treatments and give them something that's high-fat and high-protein so they don't lose weight." These ice-creams are also available in different flavours- French vanilla, creamy cocoa, mango, mint chocolate chip and lemon.

The compound used in the ice-creams contains no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is essentially responsible for giving the consumers of marijuana a euphoric or high feeling. And this ice-cream is thus sold without any medical marijuana card. Doctors have received positive responses and effects from their patients who have had these ice-creams.