Adorable Video of Little Gandhiji Leaving His Stick and Chacha Nehru Behind After Spotting His Mom in the Audience Goes Viral
Little 'Mahatma Gandhi.' (Photo credit: Screengrab Facebook/Variety)

School time is undoubtedly the golden time we cannot forget. More than the studies and mischief in class, the co-curricular activities is what we miss the most. How can we forget one of the most awaited events -fancy dress competitions- held back in school? A recent adorable video from a fancy dress competition that is going viral social media will take you down the memory lane. We have all done some of the other crazy things on stage; this cute video will remind you of that one time you did something crazy on stage in public. ‘Happy Greeter’ Kid Says ‘Good Morning’ To Friends in Ways That Make You Go Aww… (Watch Viral Video.)

This viral video is from a Republic Day event in Kerala wherein a little boy dressed up as Mahatma Gandi is going winning hearts on the internet for his antics on stage. This adorable kid forgot about his performance as soon as he got on the stage and saw his mother in the audience. Variety Media posted this video on Facebook in which you can see the little 'Gandhiji' was supposed to walk with his stick while the song Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram was being played however things don't go as planned. He can be seen leaving behind the stick and Chacha Nehru (another kid dressed as Chacha Nehru, seemingly a little older than him) and walk towards his mother he saw in the audience.

Take a look at the video of little 'Gandhi Ji' forgetting his performance after spotting his mother in the audience.

People are showering loads of love for the little 'Gandhi ji' in the comments section. "Chotta Gandhiii superrrr..." a comment read. "LKG Gandhi," somebody else commented. We believe that it is such cute videos like these that make our days and gives us a reason to smile even on the most stressful time.