‘Happy Greeter’ Kid Says ‘Good Morning’ To Friends in Ways That Make You Go Aww… (Watch Viral Video)
Viral good morning hug video. (Photo Credit: Facebook/ St Patrick's CBC Kimberley)

Sometimes kids unintentionally teach us things that stay with us for life. Kindness, generosity or just to live life carefree there are so many things that we can learn from the clear-hearted little kids. A recent video of kids' 'morning greeting' exercise between kids at St Patrick’s CBC in Kimberly recently went viral. The little kids can be seen choosing their own way of greeting each other and the whole clip that was posted on Facebook will make you go awww... This Video of a Pet Dog and Cat Loving Each Other is Going Viral, Watch Cute Clip.

In the video you can see a scene from Mrs Seaward’s PR class wherein a kid named Eli is introduced as the "happy greeter." The children can be seen choosing their own way of greeting their classmates with either a ‘high five’, a hug or a fist bump. A 'Wakanda Salute' was also shown as one of the greeting option. The adorable video is receiving loads of love from all across the world. With over 253K views, the Facebook post has been shared over 4,300 times.

Take a look at the kids' cute greeting video.

The video has received immensely positive comments. One of the commenters made a valid point: "Funny how children who only have less than 10 years on this Earth knows more about humanity than adults who’ve been here for decades. I have a good feeling about the future so much to be learned from these children." We agree with this Facebook user who believes that, "THIS should be shared worldwide." Somebody else suggested "Come on people let’s all be like this children. Love each other like we never loved before, with Godly love, then the world will be such a better place to live in."