Australian Mom Prepares for Coronavirus Taking Inspiration from Zombie Movies! Her Survival Plan Goes Viral
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Coronavirus scare is real. The rising death toll, lack of vaccination or proper treatment has created a situation of panic all across the country because coronavirus is not just limited to Wahun, China anymore but has turned into a global pandemic. Common people are trying their best to prepare themselves for what may come. While most commonly people are resorting to washing hands more often,  one mum has gone to extreme lengths to prepare for coronavirus attack. Jemma Reed, from Australia, has created a survival plan where she has started to stockpile food and medicine for a year. China's Coronavirus Outbreak: How Long Can the Deadly Virus Linger On Metal, Glass and Plastic Surfaces and Infect People?

Worried that the virus may come to Australia and create havoc, the mom has gone thought for a little too ahead in time. Not just food but this mom of three children has also medicines and jewellery for bad times. Reports say that Jemma doesn't think that the virus will ever get to the stage where she will have to actually use these but she says "with three children you can never be too safe", according to Mirror.

If you are willing to know what all has this mother stored, you will be surprised to know that she has stocked 5 of her pantries, with "approximately 50 kilos of rice and 50 kilos of lentils". Since her son has ADHD she has also stocked up on medicines. Currently trade with China has been hampered because of coronavirus, the mom worries that she may run out of medicines if the border doesn't reopen soon. She has also stored weapons  (legal), just in case.

What is more surprising is that she thinks it the bare minimum. In terms of medicines she has packed, "150 packets of Panadol, 150 packets of aspirin, 150 packets of Nurofen, antibiotics, and bandages" and asthma pumps. Jemma said, "We’ve gone a little above and beyond". She and her husband may have taken inspiration for zombie movies.

Apart from food, medicine and tobacco, the even have collected melting jewellery just in case they needed to trade silver and gold. She says her survival plan "was better to be safe than sorry. At the end of the day, everything we have can still be used even if nothing happens with the coronavirus".