Doctor Sucks Urine from an Old Man's Bladder Mid-Flight to save His Life; Internet Calls Him a Hero (Watch Video)
Doctor Sucks Urine Mid-Flight (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Doctors are like Gods on earth. They save lives and help the people in pain. But sometimes they have to go through unimaginably gross experiences in order to do their job. A recent video of a doctor sucking out a man's urine to save his life is going viral on the internet and that definitely has to be the epitome of all sacrifices doctors make. The medico is being lauded by netizens for his bravery and presence of mind for saving this old man's life on a flight with whatever was available. In the heroic act, the doctor named Zhang Hong dramatically saved a man's life mid-flight by sucking urine from his bladder through something that looks like a catheter pipe. 'Sexiest Doctor Alive' Saves Passenger's Life on Flight From New York City to Israel!

If the excessive urine wouldn't have been removed from his bladder, there were chances that the man wouldn't be able to survive. No matter how gross it may sound the act did save a life. Doctor Zhang Hong is said to be the head of vascular surgery at the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University. He treated the elderly man's blocked bladder using just a few onboard items and also used his own body to suck out the excessive urine.

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The incident reportedly took place during a China Southern Airlines flight from Guangzhou to New York this week. The cabin crew first noticed the old man on a several hour-long flight, in discomfort and they called for help from any onboard doctors. The man needed immediate medical assistance and the doctor took it upon himself to help. "The pensioner's abdomen was bloated, he could not sit still and was sweating a lot. He was going into shock and may have suffered a risk to his life if we didn't tend to him urgently," Dr Zhang said to the Chinese media.