Fake Tweet Attributed to Journalist Faye D'Souza Goes Viral; Fake News Peddlers Use 'Fictional Tweet' Disclaimer to Escape Legal Trouble
Screenshot of fake tweet attributed to Faye D'Souza (Photo Credit: Faye D'Souza Facebook)

New Delhi, July 9: A fake tweet attributed to a well-known face of the television journalism in the country Faye D'Souza is going viral on social media. The fake tweet says that Faye D'Souza defended Christian missionaries involved in child-trafficking in Ranchi. Those behind the fake tweet adopted a new strategy to escape any legal trouble by putting 'fictional tweet' note with the fake tweet, which is hardly visible.

"We must not worry about the Child trafficking done by Christian missionaries in #Ranchi because at least they are being trafficked, means guided to some direction. Hope it's the direction towards Jesus, not Hindu patriarchy," says the fake tweet attributed to Faye D'Souza. Mind you, she has not posted any such tweet and clarified this on his Facebook page.

"This is doing the rounds. Please note the "fictional tweet" note added by these jerks to avoid legal trouble. This is a new low," she wrote sharing screenshot of the viral fake tweet. Fake news peddlers have targeted many journalists and politicians in the past by spreading fake tweet or quotes in their names. However, the fake tweet in the name of Faye D'Souza has a new 'feature'.

The fake tweet is being shared with a hardly visible disclaimer 'fictional tweet', apparently to avoid any legal action against those behind it. This seems to be a new strategy of fake new peddlers to get away with the law after tarnishing the public image of a person by spreading false news and fake quotes attributed to him/her on social media.