Hello Potterheads! Mumbai Police’s Harry Potter Tweet Is Sure to Bring a Smile on Your Face
Mumbai Police tweet (Photo Credits: Mumbai Police Twitter)

Mumbai Police is giving no rest to their social media game. Deriving references from pop culture is something they swear by and the latest one is going to make Potterheads scream with excitement. On JK Rowling's birthday which is also her character Potter's birthday (July 31), the city cops have something Potter lovers can refer to. Mumbai is often referred to as the magical cities where dreams come true, at least by Bollywood movies. And so the social media guys at Mumbai Police decided to give it a spin comparing it to J. K. Rowling's fantasy village Muggle town.

The Mumbai Police tweeted saying, "Here's to the bravest and most magical Muggle town ever. Oh, and it's not 'fictional'! #MagicalMumbai." They posted it with a still from the Harry Potter movie series where he shows the scar on his forehead. Playing around the scar which looks like the letter 'N' the text on his forehead reads, 'Never without Mumbai'.

Here is the tweet by Mumbai Police:

Well, if not quite literally it has become a common phrase to say, "Once you have lived in Mumbai no other city is good enough." And the spirit of Mumbai although overrated is quite high here.

In the movie, the scar is given to Potter by Dark Lord Voldemort. Also, a survey conducted by Crossword Bookstores found out that among the Potter series, the scar is the most recognisable symbol among Indian fans.

From Netflix series like Sacred Games, 13 Reasons Why to popular TV shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Game of Thrones, Narcos, the social media team of Mumbai Police comes up with witty and funny references relating to the safety of its citizens many-a-times. They also issue advisories referring to internet games and challenges explaining why people should participate in risky adventures also putting others lives in dangers.