Hyderabad: Thief Prays to Idol Before Stealing the Crown of The Goddess, Gets Caught on Camera (Watch Viral Video)
Thief prays to God before stealing (Photo Credits: Video Grab)

A lot of people fear God and always pray to him for forgiveness. Even a thief could not control his devotion before he set out to carry on his crime in Hyderabad recently. A video has been going viral, which shows a thief praying to the idol in Durga Bhavani temple before he went ahead and stole its crown. The Hyderabad Police is now on the lookout for this devotional robber. The incident took place on Wednesday, November 20 in the temple at Fateh Maidan in the Gunfoundry area. Video of this theft was caught on the temple's CCTV camera and has made its way on social media. Andhra Pradesh: Three Golden Crowns Adorned by Deities Stolen From Tirupati Temple, Probe Underway.

The incident took place in the evening at around 6.20 pm. The police have registered a case under Section 380 (Theft in dwelling house) of the IPC. More investigations are underway, and police are trying to find if the man was a frequent visitor to the temple. In the video, the thief enters the temple, bows his hands in front of the idol, offers his prayers and is seen probably seeking forgiveness for his actions right after. He struggles a bit to remove the crown of the goddess. He carefully checks if anyone is watching him, tries again and then removes the crown, separates it from the idol. Before walking out, he prays again. The estimated value of the crown is about Rs 10,000. 

Watch Video of Theif Praying Before Stealing:

Isn't the video a little funny, we are sure the fellow is already repenting too but not sure if his prayers will ensure his safety. This reminds us of the time, when thieves have resorted to funny measures to carry out a robbery. The police are trying to establish the identity of the thief based on the footage. In a report to The News Minute, SHO Kandula Ravi Kumar informed that the custodians of the temple told them about the theft. They will also be checking the footage from the past few days to know if he came there frequently.