'I'm Famous!' Man Brags on Social Media After Video of Hitting Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend Goes Viral
Man hitting pregnant ex-girlfriend (Photo Credits: Ashleigh Booth Facebook)

A man's Facebook post bragging about becoming famous after hitting his ex-girlfriend has garnered stern criticisms on social media. 25-year-old Ashleigh Booth shared a clip of Gareth Warne punching her on Facebook saying she wanted to 'share my story of domestic violence'. In the horrific footage, the man can be punching Ashleigh in the face following an argument in Halifax, West Yorkshire. He then barges out of the house while Ashleigh suffered a cut on her face, a burst eardrum and bruises all over her body.

The video shows Ashleigh crying and asking him to leave but Gareth continues to shout at her. He leaves the room twice only to return yelling at her. The third time he hits her on the face leaving her on the floor. Warne then leaves the room without even looking back. The attack happened in November last year and Warne was convicted of assault. Earlier this year, Ashleigh shared the video of the assault on Facebook with the details of the incident. Wife Beats Husband After Spotting Girl Friend's Tattoo on His Arm in Coimbatore.

Here is the video of Gareth Warne hitting Ashleigh Booth:

However, even after being handed over a restraining order and community order, little seems to have changed in him. After Ashleigh posted the video online, Gareth took to Facebook saying: 'Looks like am [sic] famous - believe what ya want'.

Gareth Warne's comment:

Gareth Warne (Photo Credits: Gareth Warne Facebook)

Ashleigh was four weeks pregnant at the time of the attack. Daily Mail quoted a West Yorkshire Police spokesman as saying, "Police are aware of a video circulating on social media depicting an assault on a woman in Halifax on November 4 2017. Police investigated the offence and a man was arrested and charged with assault on the same day. He appeared in court on November 6, 2017, and was given a community order with a restraining order not to approach the victim."