Instagram Influencers Are Losing Followers As Many As Half a Million! Facebook-Owned Platform Says Technical Glitch to Resolve Soon
Instagram followers slashed (Photo Credit: Flickr)

Are you noticing any kind of changes on your Instagram lately? No, we are not talking about the updates. Have you lost followers by any chance? Followers ranging from 10 to half a million? Because many people are. In what struck like a panic attack to people who make a living off Instagram aka influencer, a technical glitch has caused them to lose followers. Many people are wondering if it is just a way of Instagram slashing down followers that are not real, but bots or culling down inactive followers or the social media itself is going just haywire. If you are one of the influencers, you might want to buckle up and check on your followers right away. Instagram Bug Altering Follower Counts To Be Resolved By Friday, Says Company.

Famous makeup artist James Charles took on to Twitter to express how he lost 500,000 followers overnight and with more people having the same issues with Instagram. Instagram, however, replied to James on Twitter explaining the ongoing glitch happening on Instagram.

The conversation between James Charles and Instagram:

Many other influencers have lost followers due to this glitch

He lost 6k followers...

Instagram has updated that they are soon going to fix the glitch. Take a look:

Instagram had recently had a bug altering follower counts for which Instagram had announced in a tweet that they were working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. The bug seemed to have been affecting Indian users as well.