'Lucky' Tiger Cub Born in Sariska Reserve of Rajasthan: Know What is Infanticide in Carnivores and Why This Newborn Becomes a Special One
Tiger cub in Sariska (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Amidst all the devastating updates from the world about the pandemic of Coronavirus, a piece of good news has come in from the state of Rajasthan. If you are a wildlife lover, then it will definitely interest you more as a tigress ST-10 in the Sariska Reserve has given birth to a cub here. And the cub is indeed lucky. If you are wondering what is so special about a tigress giving birth, let us tell you, this reserve was once completely tigerless, after losing all the wild cats to poaching. The new cub becomes a lucky one, also because it has successfully saved from being killed by a male tiger. According to the tracking expert working in this reserve, two previous cubs became victims of infanticide. Pictures of the recently born cub playing with his mother have been shared on social media by wildlife conservationists and experts. Cannibalism in Tigers: Male Wild Cat Kills 3 Other Tigers in Kanha Reserve and Eats Their Body Parts in a Rare Incident.

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot also shared a picture of the cub a few days back. However, when IFS officer Parveen Kaswan shared the good news too, a tracker gave more insights on the birth of cubs in the reserve. After a cub is born, it has to be rescued well, for their own safety. A tracker named Hemant Singh who is now in charge of tigress ST-10 shared that its the third time she has littered in this year. He mentioned how earlier, two male cubs became victims of infanticide. So they have to rescue this little one and the mother safely before it succumbs to attacks from the male one. Twitterati was happy with this positive news amid all the Coronavirus updates.

Check Picture of Newly Born Tiger Cub in Sariska Tiger Reserve:

Here's an Update About The Previous Two Cubs:

The lucky cub is right now two months old. About 11 years ago, a translocation process was launched of tigers in Sariska Tiger Reserve. However, the situation became worse when there was just one male tiger in about 14 female ones. As per reports from 2019, the tiger reserve has 15 tigers right now.  If you are wondering what is infanticide and why do the big cats kill their cubs, read on to know more.

What is Tiger Infanticide?

Infanticide in wild animals is quite common. It is mostly the males who often kill and eat their offsprings. But there have been cases when females too have attacked the newborns. Parental infanticide is when the birth giver kills their own cubs. The cause however, is related to human intrusion. Some animals get extremely sensitive to human activities around their environment and end up killing their kids with that stress. Male tigers and lions often kill off the cubs in order to make the female sexually receptive. This killing is also a way of their display of aggression.