Mother Takes 100 Injections on Her Butt For 'Spider Web Butt Lift' To Prevent Sagging, Watch Video
Woman takes 100 injections on butt for spiderweb butt surgery (Photo credits: Video grab)

The fear of ageing starts gripping middle-aged women. There are wrinkles on the skin, skin becomes loose and muscles start drooping. Not wanting to have the same loosening of her butt muscles, a mother of three children decided to get injected to keep it intact. She did not want her butt to be sagging as she grew older. Not with one or two but a total of 100 injections in her butt. Marcela Iglesias, a resident in Los Angeles underwent a procedure called Spider Web Butt Lift, to stimulate collagen in her butt to tighten her muscles and keep the skin supple. UK Mom Gets Boob and Lip Job To Look Like a Sexy Blow Up Doll (View Hot Pics). 

Marcela wants to continue to look younger and has also undergone a leech therapy. Along with that she says she follows a healthy lifestyle to make her "look young." The spiderweb butt lift includes injections inserted in a web-like pattern. The estimated cost of this procedure is  $3,000 and is an emerging technique to renew cells and their elasticity. Elderly Woman Who Couldn't Close Her Mouth For a Month Finds Relief After Surgery.

She does not reveal her age but ensures she adopts and quits things that will affect her ageing. "I want to maintain the way I look and keep people guessing how old I am, people can't believe I have a 17-year-old son. For the past five years I have done a lot of research to maintain youthful skin from leech treatment to taking care of my body, quitting soda and meat," she was quoted to The Daily Mail. 

Watch Video of Woman Undergoing a Spiderweb Butt Lift to Maintain Her Age

This procedure is based on a spiderweb structure, leaving the skin lifted and tight. And Marcela Iglesias hopes the procedure will also add some volume to her bottom. She is in fact, encouraging more and more women to undergo this surgery as it does not cause any pain, although it may look scary. And in her own words, "'I'm looking for the eternal fountain of youth, a new way of life."