Odisha Rasagolas Finally Get GI Tag And Twitter Is Celebrating!
Odisha receives GI tag for rasgullas (Photo Credits: Twitter/khbarbazi)

Odisha Rasgullas get their own GI tag. After almost two years of West Bengalgetting their GI tag on Rasgulla, Odisha has receiver theirs and people can't stop celebrating. Soon after the news broke out, Twitter went into a frenzy, expressing their excitement over this. Rasgulla has been a very famous delicacy and has variants of it. It is served as a part of bhog. The Odisha Rasgulla is GI registered as the name “Odisha Rasagola” and people couldn’t be happier. A GI tag is given to a product as a sign of corresponding with a certain area. Rosogolla Fest ‘Bagbazar-O-Rossogolla Utsob’ Kicks Off in Kolkata With the Launch of Postal Stamp of the Inventor (See Pics).

Rasgulla has been a part of Indian cuisine for the longest time. Naturally, receiving a GI tag for the sweet treat was a big deal for Twitter. Here are some Twitter reactions to the news. Odisha Rasgulla Receives GI Tag.


Couldn't be Happier

Yes, We Love Them

Celebration Time

Great Day for Rasagola

Celebration Rasagola Please!

People have been going wild with the celebration on Twitter and the tag #OdishaRasagala soon became one of the top trending tags. Two years after GI tag was given to West Bengal for the origination of Rasgulla's the tag has now been given to Odisha.