Do you remember the good old Indian ad jingles? Advertisements of Nirma powder or Lifebuoy soap had some catchy jingles which we do not see in today's advertisements. And imagine revisiting them while you are enjoying your dinner at a restaurant? A video has been doing the rounds on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter which shows a restaurant scene and a band performing the classic old Indian ad jingles instead of regular songs. All families are seen enjoying this ad jingle music, as the singer sings Washing Powder Nirma, Lifebuoy, Nima rose, Vicco Turmeric ad jingles on a band performance. Who Is the Trivago Guy? 5 Interesting Things About Abhinav Kumar, Who Appears on Hotel Booking Portal Ad.

The video clip is circulated even on WhatsApp. The video shows families enjoying their dinner at a restaurant when the singer starts singing "Washing Powder Nirma", one of the most popular Indian ad jingles. The song then turns into "Pan Parag Pan Masala" and then into "Lifebuoy Hai Jahan Tandorusti Hai Wahan". It also includes Nima Rose, Maggi, Humara Bajaj ad jingles. The diners are taken by surprise but join in the sweet nostalgia and sing along with the singer here. In the comments, people have mentioned it either looks Goa or from Dubai. But the location aside, the vibe in the video is really nostalgic. It is going viral on social media. Funny Indian Brand Taglines Are Full of Double Meanings if Taken Out of 'Product' Context.

Watch the Viral Video Here:

Here's the YouTube Video:

We are sure it will leave you with a smile. "That's some sort of genuine entertainment," wrote one user and we quite agree. Netizens are impressed and it is indeed unique to hear of these jingles that too on a restaurant band. Do you remember all of these jingles? If not, then you are definitely of a newer generation.

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