Tourist Couple Wash Butt With Holy Water at Bali Temple, Viral Video Causes Outrage
Bali tourist couple slammed for disrespecting holy water (Photo Credits: Video grab)

The Indonesian island of Bali is known for its pristine beauty and always sees an influx of tourists. However, some tourists do not realise the cultural values and traditions of the places they visit which ends up hurting the sentiments of the locals. A tourist couple has been slammed for disrespecting holy water of a temple as they used it to wash their butt for fun. The dishonouring action was caught on camera and soon as the video came up online, it went viral. The tourist couple has been slammed by everyone for their disgusting actions near a holy place. The couple has apologised saying they were unaware of the holiness of the site but netizens say otherwise. Woman Hit by Giant Wave in Bali While Posing for Photo in Front of Sea (Watch Video).

Sabina Dolezalova and Zdenek Slouka, both internet stars posted a cheeky video online. In the video, Zdenek Slouka is seen slapping a little water from a fountain structure on Sabina's butt by lifting her skirt. He slapped the water twice on her behind and she too clearly seemed amused by his actions. The duo laughed on the camera along with the person who was filming them. The video has not impressed netizens at all and the couple got slammed by everyone. Bali’s Famous Tourist Spot ‘Gates of Heaven’ Is Not How It Looks on Instagram! Tweet Revealing the Truth Behind the Reflection Goes Viral.

Watch Video of Tourist Couple Disrespecting Holy Water in Bali Temple:


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The video was widely shared by others too. It has given rise to a debate on tourism in Bali as tourists clearly don't understand and respect the place they are visiting at. A Balinese designer named Niluh Djelantik mentioned that Bali will drown if such ignorant tourists keep visiting.

As the couple received much abuse from everyone, they issued an apology stating they were unaware that it was a holy place. However, netizens refused to believe their claim. Slouka has said, "We are so sorry about the video from yesterday, we dishonored the holy temple and holy water in Ubud, and we didn’t know it." In the apology, they also mentioned that they are atheists so did not recognise a holy place. However, the damage has already been done. Djelantik mentioned them as "parasites to her homeland" along with the pictures of the couple's apology.