Bali’s Famous Tourist Spot ‘Gates of Heaven’ Is Not How It Looks on Instagram! Tweet Revealing the Truth Behind the Reflection Goes Viral
Bali’s Famous Tourist Spot ‘Gates of Heaven’ (Photo Credits: @polina_marinova/ Twitter)

There is a reason as to why we should not be overly dependent on Instagram. The filtered version of people’s life gives much false information that often gets unnoticed. Much like the famous tourist spot, Gates of Heaven in Bali, which became popular on the photo-sharing app for its magnificent reflection on a water body. After gaining much fame, it turns out that the tourist spot is not how it looks on your Instagram feed. It is rather a filtered or fake image and the trick behind the stunning portrayal has recently been revealed by a Twitter user, which is going viral. Monkey Photobombs Family's Vacation Picture in Bali And Gives Them a Middle Finger. 

The stunning images, of Bali’s Gates of Heaven and its reflection, looks exceptionally out of this world. And the stunning appearance or effect, makes it look too real to question. When Polina Marinova, an editor of Fortune Magazine visited the spot, she was shocked to meet the actual setting. It is just another photographer, who uses a piece of glass to give that effect. Sharing her experience, she tweeted, “Proof that Instagram influencers have ruined everything. My hopes & dreams were shattered when I found out the “water” at the Gates of Heaven is actually just a piece of glass under an iPhone.” Woman Hit by Giant Wave in Bali While Posing for Photo in Front of Sea. 

Truth is Bitter, Always!

Much like Marinova, many travellers hope might have turned down. Not that it makes the spot look any less gorgeous, this trick has shattered social media users, who probably will next time not fall into the filtered prey. Many tourists were left disappointed and some even shared their memory when they understood the trick.


Pic on the Right, is Actual Scene

Gates of Heaven is located at Pura Lempuyang Luhur in Karangasem regency. It is one of Bali’s oldest and revered temples. The gorgeous location, has made it immensely popular and attracts many tourists during the holiday season. So, now that you know the truth, we hope that you would not visit places for the sole purpose of Insta-worthy pictures only.