Waiter of Saravana Bhavan Restaurant of Chennai Returned Rs 25 Lakh After Customers Left: This Act Restores Our Faith in Honesty
Representational Image | Chennai's Saravana Bhavan (Photo Credits: Twitter @authoramish)

We have often heard that ‘honesty is the best policy’. A waiter at Chennai’s Annanagar Saravana Bhavan branch proved the adage right when he returned a bag full of Rs. 25 lakhs in it. Would you believe it? Well, believe it or not, it happens to be a true incident which took place, on Friday, in the Chennai city.

The 31-year-old waiter, Ravi, at Saravana Bhavan became a local hero in no time when he displayed a sheer act of honesty and integrity. On a busy Friday afternoon, he came across a bag that was filled with Rs 25 lakh cash in it, which was left behind. The customers had even completed their meals and paid for their meals when they left it.

As soon as he found the bag, he handed it to his manager, who in turn saw what the contents of the bag were. When they found out that it was 25 lakhs, they waited for an entire day for the customers to come back and claim their money. As they failed to turn up at the Saravana Bhavan, the manager (and the management) took the call to hand over the bag to the K4 police station here.

The staff members and the manager praised him for his honesty and was taken to meet their owner Mr Rajagopalan, where he was gifted a gold ring by him. The local police also applauded him and gifted him with a watch for his honest act and alert mind.

Talking about the entire episode, Ravi said that people often leave their wallets and phones and return later to collect it; it is a usual routine. With whatever stuff we find, which are left behind by the customers, we hand it over to our manager. Ravi said that he was quite baffled to see that those people never really came back to collect their money, but then he knew that he did the right thing.

Kudos to such people who make us believe that honest people do exist. Such acts of honesty and utmost integrity does restore our faith in humanity. We congratulate Ravi, for his righteous and selfless act!