Woman Calls 999 for Receiving a Sausage Instead of Fish and Chips: New Yorkshire Police Has a Savage Response, Read Funny Reactions
Woman Calls 999 for Receiving a Sausage Instead of Fish and Chips. (Photo credit: Twitter/North Yorkshire Police)

If you thought absurdity had a limit, this recent incident might change your views. A police station in New Yorkshire received an emergency call by a miffed woman who reported that she received just a sausage, for her order that included two portions of fish and chips. No joke, this actually happened and we have proof. New Yorkshire Police force brought this matter into the spotlight via a sarcastically funny tweet which described how they received a 999 call (emergency call) from the angry woman. She complained about the shop for sending her just a sausage instead of two portions of fish and chips that she had ordered. Outer Space Effects on Human Body: Watch Video of NASA Astronaut Struggling to Walk After Spending 200 Days on ISS. 

The tweet from New Yorkshire Police read: "We’ve received a 999 call from a woman to report that she has ordered two portions of fish and chips but that the chip shop will only give her a sausage. This is not a 999 call. Please only use 999 in an emergency. #NYPSSF"

Take a Look at the Post from New Yorkshire Police-

This tweet received a massive response from Twitterattis. Take a look at a few reactions.

We agree!

Not even kidding...

Sarcasm at its best!


What say?

Boozy call?


That's all of us RN

On a serious note, it is important to understand what the police go through because of such stunts that are a sheer waste of time. While we know food is important, there is nothing more important than a police officer's time.