Outer Space Effects on Human Body: Watch Video of NASA Astronaut Struggling to Walk After Spending 200 Days on ISS
Nasa astronaut struggles to walk after returning from space (Photo credits: Video grab)

Life in the space is not at all fancy as it may sound for us earthlings. While a thought of spending some time in the outer space would sound cool, it is the astronauts who actually spend weeks in an environment without an atmosphere. They are the ones who experience the difficult part of it all. With the loss of gravity in outer space, one is actually floating at all times. There is nothing to hold us down on a surface and thus getting back to normal life can be a task. An astronaut who returned to earth after spending about 200 days in space, had to struggle to walk on the ground. A video of the same has been shared on social media. How do Astronauts Pee and Poop in Space? NASA Astronaut Reveals The Misery of Spaceship Toilets.

Three-person crew of a Russian commander, and an American and a German flight engineer on the Soyuz MS09 successfully returned on December 20, 2018. The mission was launched in June this year. These cosmonauts could not walk after spending a few months in lack of gravity. Soyuz Space Station Leak Could be Deliberate Sabotage Attempt, Says Russia After Checks.

Watch Video of NASA Astronaut Struggling to Walk After Return From Space Mission

As you can see the person kept losing his balance and needed to be surrounded by people in case he fell. He put his steps carefully one after another, while the others helped him. This happens because when these astronauts spend so much time in zero gravity, there is a loss of orientation. On Earth, we are grounded due to the gravity, know what is up and down. In space, there is no balancing concept. Life in space is not so easy afterall.